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Dual-Axis SynqNet Servo Drive


The PicoDAD-SN is a low-voltage Dual-Axis SynqNet Drive. Incorporating two independent servo drives, this revolutionary product saves space on your machine, and lowers the system cost by utilizing shared components. The PicoDAD operates on 48VDC for the Bus power, and separate 24VDC for Logic power. Separation of Bus and Logic power allows bus power control to be incorporated into the machine safety chain, while not losing application information or real-time monitoring data during E-stop events. Each axis is capable of individually sourcing 10A RMS continuous and 20A RMS peak to the motor. Like most SynqNet drives, the PicoDAD-SN is designed as a torque drive, while servo control is executed by the centralized motion controller.

PicoDAD Drive Datasheet pdf

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