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The CD SynqNet is a SynqNet™ servo drive based on the field-proven range of SERVOSTAR™ CD drives. The power stage is the same as that of the CD, while the control stage is a dedicated SynqNet™ design. The CD SynqNet is designed as a Torque drive, with torque command being provided at high servo update rates from the SynqNet™ controller.

Extensive I/O support is provided, with both function-specific inputs, such as Limit Switches, Home and Brake, and numerous general purpose I/Os.

The CD drive is a 1-axis servo drive when using C0FE0027 FPGA. When using the C0FE0034 FPGA, the CD drive has an extra axis with pulse/dir outputs, which can be connected to an external pulse drive.

Kollmorgen CD-SynqNet ServoStar Drive Datasheet pdf

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